Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thirteen Things I Did Today

...that I don't usually do.

Thirteen Things about Jamie

1. Toured a newspaper.
2. Met with MY EDITOR!
3. Had my photo taken for THE PAPER!
4. Drove downtown BY MYSELF.
5. Had lunch with my husband.
6. At a restaurant called McCoy's
7. Went shopping BY MYSELF
8. Bought a "skinny" undergarment.
9. Resisted buying something just because it was a good deal. (okay, I do that some, but today I resisted even trying the good deal on)
10. Walked in the rain
11. Put on mascara. Actually I put on quite a few things besides eyeliner.
12. Watched a movie.
13. Picked up a tux for my little son. Can you believe those puppies run $91.00!? And that is with the $20 "discount."

You can tell my kids are with Grandma, can't you?

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the lizness said...

I'm first! skinny undergarments rock

Julie Carobini said...

Yay! You met with Your Editor! Can't wait to read your will link them, right?

Unknown said...

Yes, I want to read them too, even if I'm not local!

Chaos-Jamie said...

I will definately link to myself when the appropriate time comes. Thanks for the support. I should tell the editor that I have a fan club! (hahahahahahhahahaha!)