Monday, May 08, 2006

A Gross Underestimation

This weekend I did succeed in staying behind while my family went to visit Grandma. I rubbed my hands together and made plans. So much to do, so little time.

Friday evening it was off to NBC to try on swimming suits, just in case, by some miracle I would find one that looked halfway decent. HA! This is the store where I sometimes get Calvin Klein for about a quarter of the price. Oh Calvin was there alright, but did he look good on me? Nope. Last year the CK had thick spandex, this year the CK showed my mushroom top...and I was wearing a one piece. Sick, I tell ya.

Saturday it was off to the garage sales and boy was I excited. I hightailed it to the best sale...that wasn't open. I knew in my mind that they only open every other year, but I hoped that this year would be the exception. I drove on by, lamenting that my daughter only has one obnoxiously full closet (from this sale last year) instead of two, off to another sale that promised 100+ new clothing items Saturday. She didn't mention that they would be sized 12 months.

And then....

I began to hit some "good ones." Clothes galore. Cute clothes. My size. And I spent too much. Probably 20 dollars, maybe more. I got home so excited to try on my new duds and NONE OF THEM FIT! Well, none of the excessively cute name brand ones anyway.

I am so disgusted. Must exercise.

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Anonymous said...

You got another weekend to yourself? I'm so jealous!!