Monday, May 01, 2006

Dibs, Durn 'Em


It is a conspiracy of the ice cream manufacturers, particularly Edy's. You take ice cream, wrap it around a luscious filling, cover the whole thing in chocolate and make it bite sized. Charge three dollars for a teeny container. Make sure there are 39 grams of fat per serving. You read that right. Thirty-nine. But here's the thing: you can just pop one when you need an ice cream hit. Overall it saves on calories, right?


Sure, you don't eat a whole serving of ice cream, you only pop one. But the things are like potato chips. No one can eat just one. So instead of popping one in the evening when I really want a bowl of ice cream I pop one every time I walk through the kitchen. There is jut something wrong with consuming 96 grams of fat in one day. In theory a person with self-control could pay more for these wonderful creatures and eat less ice cream. But I never claimed to have self-control.

Once those Dibs are gone....they are out. You hear me? Out. Until I get back to the freezer section.

After all, I have seven more flavors to try.


Melanie Dickerson said...

Jamie, in case you don't know her, is gorgeous and a size 3, so don't let her fool you. She's not eating too much of anything, especially Dibs.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Oh Melanie girl, how I have you fooled. And I personally liked the shrew analogy you emailed me. Eating six times my body weight sounds heavenly. Could I do it at a Mexican place?

Sparrow said...

Self-controle? What's that? I have a huge jar of Jelly-Bellys from Costco... Think they'll last me through the week? :-o