Saturday, May 20, 2006

Grinding my Teeth

Several weeks ago I sent a query to my first adoption attorney, with whom my agency set me up because we were out of state, to see if he would just keep us on file. You know, in case something came up. Six years ago he was still a freelancer. He told us that he kept profiles for families who wanted to adopt Caucasian babies, but that he referred all minority babies to our large, national agency. I, hoping to avoid the ridiculous agency fees, asked if he would reconsider. He sent my email straight to the agency.

I could spit nails.

So they send me an email with a "situation." I said sure providing we could find the fees, what were they?

TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Hello? I could fly to Ethiopia/Sudan/Haiti and get a starving child for that.

So, six years ago there was an adoption tax credit. I think it was 2K. Because our son was considered "special needs" we got 5K. A couple years later President Bush raised the tax credit for ANY adoption to 10K. I'm thinking, "Great! This will be so awesome! This will really help people to adopt." Not so. The agencies all just systematically raised their fees by 10K. Let me make more of an impact: $10,000.00. And, by the way, you have to actually owe the government that much to get it back. It isn't like a check just arrives in the mail.

I know I shouldn't put a price on a child's head, but come on, they've already done it.

Further, our "insurance" (also known as a share program) used to cover adoption as if it was maternity, so I could count on at least 4K in help from them. Nope, now they've dropped that. They still put "adoption friendly" on their propaganda, ahem, guidelines, but as far as I can tell, they do very little for adoption. Grrrr.

Yes, I do believe that God is telling me to back off. When/if this baby shows up I will know it was only Him.


owlhaven said...

Our Ethiopia adoptions were in the range of $12,000 or so, WITH travel. We aren't rich AT ALL, but once we decided to go forward, God provided the money in amazing ways!

Mary, mom to many

Chaos-Jamie said...

Okay, I so need details! When I wring them out of her, I'll let ya'll know.

There is something sick about being able to adopt across the globe for less than going local. On the other hand, they may need us more. I guess it isn't sick after all.

Unknown said...

We have several families in our church who have adopted cross-culturally (is that the term?) as well as Caucasian. I know one family who was in the midwest when they adopted their son from Honduras, but that was 17 years ago. They ended up going through private channels to get him. You just might have to do that.

Also, I don't know exactly where you live, but I know a young couple in KS who have adopted children from India. I could try to get their info for you if you want.