Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Honey

Ten years ago tonight, I was kicking butt and taking names at the local bowling alley. Ten years ago tomorrow, I said my vows. Ten years from now? Who knows? Hopefully I'll be on my way to Hawaii. This one's for you, Hon.

Thirteen things I love about my man:

1. He always puts the toilet seat down.
2. He taught my sons to do it, too.
3. No matter how much weight I gain when I'm pregnant (and I gain a lot) he always weighs more than me.
4. I still love the smell of him.
5. His infectious smile.
6. His un-dying support of me.
7. His willingness to support me and the kids.
8. He eats whatever I cook.
9. And when I don't, he asks where we are going.
10. His broad shoulders.
11. His never-give-up spirit.
12. He is a reader. (Hey, if you are one and he isn't, it is like being unequally yoked!)
13. He never asks where the money has gone.
13. He makes me laugh at the most bizarre times (like when we are having a "discussion").
13. His computer skills.
13. His other skills. (devilish grin)
13. That he makes my list go far beyond thirteen.
13. That he loves brown babies as much as I do.
13. But he still helps make pink babies that are pretty cute.
13. And, what they hey, that he knows famous people and introduces me as if they are just the guy next door and I'm the most fabulous person he has ever met.

When I took you, B, as my husband, I promised in the strength of my commitment to God, to love you, to respect all that you are as an individual and to encourage you to become all that you can be.

As you wife, I promise to submit to you as the head of the house, to create a home for you which is a place of peace and contentment, and to remain faithful to you in all circumstances of life as long as we both shall live.

With these promises, I received you as my husband, trusting the love of God to sustain our union.

I said it then and I still mean it now. I love you Babe.


Carol said...

Followed your 13 link here. I think I may cry! What a lovely tribute to what sounds like a really great guy!

the lizness said...

It's Friday, but I'm just now visiting all the people who visited my T13 yesterday.

and I am so with you on #12 - my husband is a non-reader and a non- computer person and so it's an uphill battle sometimes! :)

happy anniversary

Julie Carobini said...

Happy Anniversary, Jamie! You two look sooo sweet together. I hope he frames your post :-)

Chaos-Jamie said...

Tess, you poor dear. Hopefully he lets YOU read....

On the other hand, today my hubby was trying to explain HTML to me. As if I care, just get your patootie down here and fix up my blog! I sit in front of it, doesn't mean I really want to know how it works. Okay, not true, I'm starting to care. My blog is so boring to look at, comparatively.