Thursday, May 11, 2006

Swallowing my Pride


Double Ugh.

I'd give you a triple, but I think you get my point. Ever have to go against your better judgment because your judgment has become questionable?

Let me preface this with the fact that I'm a Summa Cum Laude, top of my class graduate in Microbiology. I am not an idiot. I am not a child abuser. I am a mom with an opinion and I'm not about to let it get trounced. I don't vaccinate. I have my reasons. Top of the list is that I sat in my Pathogenic Microbiology class and listened to my distinguished professor tell me that the vaccines that work are likely to give the disease to your child, those that don't give the disease to the child don't work. So why bother? Side note: Everyone should get vaccinated because 70% prevention rate is pretty good if you vaccinate the masses. That's what he said anyway, it works if everyone does it. Not because it works all that well, but because it dwindles the susceptible population down to manageable numbers.

And let's not forget the "side effects."

Mercury poisoning anyone? Yes, yes, I know, they've taken the mercury out. But did you know that they still have doses in mercury and if you don't specifically ask for it, you may get them until they run out?

MMR and autism. Don't tell me you can't prove it. They haven't proven that it doesn't, either, have they?Although I think the risk goes way down if you demand mercury free. (Or so I am praying).

My doctor supported my decision, I might add. He doesn't vaccinate his infants either. That should tell you something.


Two years ago we had Chicken Pox. I kicked myself for six solid weeks as we were stranded home and miserable. I had a friend whose child was vaccinated. She is the one who gave it to us.

Last year we had Pertussis/Whooping Cough. I kicked myself every night as my babies gasped for breath. And durn if the people who should form a support network when you are going through something like that didn't just point their fingers and say lovely, supportive things like, "gosh, you're stupid" in not so many words. By the way...vaccinated families got it. The whole stinking county got it.

This year, what is going around, but Mumps. I drew the line at Mumps. I will not have my children have mumps. I played roulette twice and got burned twice. I'm not ready to go three for three.

But, where does this leave me? Do you have any idea what vaccinations cost at the supportive doctors office? Can you say house payment?

Public Health. That's where that left me. At the mercy of people whose job it is to educate the uneducated "if they knew better they would risk their child having the side effects for the greater good." To quote Mrs. Frozone: GREATER GOOD?

Deep breath, Jamie.

They were rather nice. And when we refused a couple of the immunizations, they just let it go. (insert deep sigh of relief) And I cried much more than my kiddos. Two of three were very brave...and the third I expected.

Now don't email me and expound on my stupidity. I have remedied the problem in my house-hold and, Lord-willing we will be part of the 70% that doesn't get the mumps. And if we aren't? Someone is sleeping in the doghouse.

But it won't be me. I'll be the one with the bags under my eyes, stringy hair and the "stupid" sign around my neck.


Georgiana Daniels said...

Oh Jamie! Your story reminds me of my daughter who got a chicken pox vaccine 2 years ago, and actually got chicken pox. Did that mean that the vaccination was effective? LOL.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Can you believe the lady told me that even though the kids had whooping cough, they needed the vaccine again because immunity decreases after a year? As if the vaccination will provide more and longer lasting immunity than the disease. That's why they don't give vaccinations to those born before 1956 who are assumed to have had the disease....

At least your daughter is immune now, LOL!