Monday, August 06, 2007

Actual thought that passed through my head

So there I am, hanging a load of reds, when I place an outfit (probably too small) of Charming's in between shirts of Eldest's and Frodo's (I am compulsive in the manner I do laundry so it was intentional the way I was hanging the clothes) when I think,

"Goodness, the kids wore a lot of reds."

Hello! It was a load of reds. Not a load of "colors," or a load of "whites" or a load of "darks." My thought that "Goodness they wore a lot of reds" is the equivalent of thinking "goodness, they used a lot of towels" when I do the towel load. Of course there are a lot of towels, it's a load of towels! Who knows how many weeks is represented in that red load.

Now if I saw a lot of green in a color load, that would be noteworthy.

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MotherT said...

Sleep deprivation will do that to you! Go take a nap while the next load is in!