Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Weaning off Caffeine, Day 1

After a nightmare of napless days, I've decided Charming has been exposed to too much caffeine and I will have to quit. Much to my dismay. When he was littler he slept whether I had caffeine or not, so I got a bit lax in my consumption. Now I realize I've stepped it up to insane amounts of legal stimulant.

On Sunday I only had one cup of coffee first thing in the morning...because I never have time to savor the first cup much less the second. Having survived the morning with only one, I only had one soda in the afternoon.

Yes, I was in bed by 10, but I made it through the day without a headache and I thought I was on my way.

Yesterday was my first official Wean Yourself Off Caffeine day. I ONLY had ONE cup of coffee rather than savoring the whole pot all morning. When it was time to pour my second cup I poured, instead, a glass of green tea (yes, I know it is caffeinated, I said I was weaning). Yesterday, total, I had one cup of coffee, two tea bags worth of green tea (that I used to make four glasses of iced tea), and one soda.

I do realize that sounds ridiculous.

I don't know that it accomplished anything except weaning myself off liquid sugar (which I am also attempting to do), but I congratulated myself anyway (especially when Hubs noticed that there was an unopened 2 liter of Pepsi cooling in the fridge and expressed shock).

But this morning, my head is already aching.

I've already had my ONE CUP of coffee.

The previously mentioned cold Pepsi is calling my name.

And somehow I don't think that taking 2 Excedrin (whose primary ingredient is caffeine) is going to help my situation any. Sure it might stop the headache, but then I might as well just have my second cup of coffee.

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