Wednesday, August 08, 2007


We've had a heat index over a hundred degrees for most of the week. I'm totally drained. Nothing worth typing, to speak of, because we are just hunkering down and waiting for some wind to blow the hot away.

It is too hot to do anything.

My air conditioner has run nearly continuously for two days. And I set it pretty high.

All I want to do is sleep. Interesting that is the only thing Charming doesn't want to do.

My big kids either have some strange virus, or heat stroke. Fever for eight hours and no other symptoms. On the upside, they don't move much. On the downside, they keep fooling me into believing they aren't sick when they crash with fever again. Bizarre.

So, that said, now you know why I'm not blogging. Nothing worthwhile to say. And my fodder for entertainment are all passed out in front of a fan.

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