Sunday, August 05, 2007

Filling up on Words

Getting a little tired of eating my words.

I know that would be an indicator to someone that maybe I should quite talking/typing, but since I know I won't (no matter how hard I try), I will at least try to admit when I'm horribly wrong.

Prang watercolors are better.

I still don't know why we have to have the best when we don't paint but once a year, but I have been dutifully informed by the voice of experience that Prang are better. Better than Crayola. And Roseart don't even get to be on the map of watercolor goodness.

This weekend I even read a whole newspaper write up about the benefit of certain brand school supply requirements. Between the paper and the teacher who was in the room as I read and commented upon the article I learned that if everyone has the same supplies it equalizes the kids. And teachers don't want folders, they want red folders (apparently it has to do with "get out your red folder" versus "get out your science folder" though my kids "get out your homework folder" and since they only have one it can have superman on it and they still know what it is---which, I'm sure, is why we can buy any folder and not just red, blue and yellow). And spiral notebooks snag on papers and cause a 5 second delay over the much more expensive composition notebook. (What is $1.50 (times six subjects) for 5 seconds of a teacher's time? Oops, that was nasty sarcasm. Eating my words again. Tasty. And, by the way, in a roomful of 30 students I think this probably makes sense--mine are just in a room of, let's see, 5. Well, the room will hold eight, but there are five first graders. And, interestingly enough, I don't have to buy composition books--this year.)

Did you know Crayola crayons break less often than Roseart? I knew they colored better, but the breakage factor was news to me.

Fiskers scissors have proven to cut better?

Anyway, it is nice to know there is a reason--time tested over years according to the paper--that we must buy certain brands and I will quit fussing about it.

And if I do, well, I'm sure I'll need a snack.

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