Saturday, August 25, 2007


I find it utterly hilarious that there are two people on the face of this earth that think I cleaned something this week!

Aside from the occasional dish that I washed (in the dish soap I've used for going on 12 years) and laundry (using All Free and Clear like always), I'll I have accomplished is changing, feeding and holding Charming. (The fact that my family has eaten at all is due in no small part to my frequent visits to Your Other Kitchen.)

This child simply must learn to crawl before I go berserk.

Then again, maybe the mold has taken over and my hands are peeling due to osmosis. It certainly has been humid enough this week for osmosis to occur through the air...and for mold to grow....even if I choose to pretend it isn't.

Speaking of humidity, my childhood was spent in Southwestern Kansas. Where it doesn't rain. And there is no mold. And my hands peeled like crazy. As I have changed NOTHING (but diapers), and have cleaned NOTHING (but bottoms), I'm going to continue to assume this is stress and hope it passes long about week two of the big kids in school. Maybe week three. I do still have to teach.

However, I am going to slather on some benadryl cream and see if it helps! You never know.

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