Friday, August 03, 2007

Things That Annoyed the Heck Out of Me Yesterday

No Comment on whether I was easily annoyed yesterday.

1. The "minister" at the garage sale that knew all the cures for all of the social failures out there, but never once mentioned God in any form (Jesus, Christ, The Lord, God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Higher Power) or sin. Why, when we have the true answer, are we giving out humanist answers for the world's ills? And if we aren't going to invoke the name of God (whichever "God" she thinks she represents), why bring up that we are a minister, Huh?

2. Charming won't sleep.

3. No stores are selling summer clothes. Here in the Midwest we have a full two months of hot yet and probably the better part of three before we have to bury ourselves in coats. Do you know how much a baby will grow in three months? If they MUST put out winter "school clothes," can't they at least still sell summer clothes for the under one crowd?

4. Charming has given up sleeping for Lent. I can't convince him that Lent is over. And he isn't allowed to give up sleeping until Lent.

5. So I took myself to a couple of the children's consignment stores. One sold summer clothes up to size 6 mo. (which we've grown out of, hence my problem). And they sold summer 2T. I could find nothing in the store for 9 mo, winter or summer. There was a whole rack of winter 12 mo. I know they have to sell what people bring in, but come on! NO ONE brought in something summery in the 6-12 month range? Or did I get there a day late because I'm not the only one with this problem?

6. The other store, Once Upon a Child, I'm using their name in vain because they have done this to me for years, lures me in with their idea of "clearance" plastered all over the window. And considering that I have looked all over town for 9 mo summer clothes, I figure if someone is clearancing out something it might be summer things. They have all of four outfits in the size I need. Are they on sale? No. They, the used clothes, are priced for MORE than I would have to pay to get them new at Kohls. Which is where I'm heading in a few minutes.

No number here because I have to explain: I went everywhere BUT Kohl's yesterday because I always shop at Kohl's. With three fewer kids to drag along I thought I'd go try some of these other stores where people are always telling me they find such great stuff. Kohl's will have summer things, I'm sure of it. (Please, oh Please!) I like Onesies as much as the next person, but I do feel a little conspicuous taking my son to church in the equivalent of undies all the time. I mean Onesies the brand not onesies the snap crotch shirt. Those I'll take him to church in. However, thank goodness that Onesies are sold year around so that if I don't find something for Charming, he will have clothes.

7. Old Navy. Three walls of infant girl clothes. 1/4 wall infant boy clothes. What season was on that 1/4 wall? Winter. And on another note, their "onesies" are really high cut on the leg so the entire diaper shows. If you put pants on over them, the side hole sticks out over the waistband.
Love the clothes, hate the cut.

8. Dillards. Who puts their 5 month old in a $43 outfit? Really. Unless it is a wedding or baptism, buy the kid some play clothes that you wouldn't actually mind them pooping on.

9. And to my waiter last night who didn't think he'd get a good tip because we ordered an ice water and shared an entree: we do it to save calories, not money. We do it to save money too, because we won't eat all the food, why buy it? We usually double the tip so that you know we aren't cheap and so that you didn't get ripped off. You, my friend, deserved to pay us a tip. The squat you did get was to prove you wrong, though I hated to reinforce your crappy behavior.

10. Hubs informed me last night that starting and building his own successful company wasn't his dream.

excuse me.


There we were, having just watched The Astronaut Farmer, and he wants to know what his life changing dream is.


And when I told him it was building this business, he told me that wasn't his dream, that was just making money.

Excuse me. I'm having a moment.

Exactly WHAT money was that making? I'm still bewildered. I have scrimped and saved and lived on a shoestring for EIGHT YEARS to help him "pursue his dream" and he totally robbed me of that last night. Because that isn't his dream.

I wrote an article that will be in a national magazine in a few months about supporting your spouse in the pursuit of a dream through hardship and I find out I haven't done it.

I'm bewildered. I'm even feeling a little sick. I'm not angry. I'm really not. I'm just absolutely floored. I wonder why we've been doing this for all these years. I feel robbed. Almost violated. Deceived. Burdened. Frustrated. You have got to be kidding me. I might just need to go vomit.

Who am I? I'm not sure I even know anymore. I thought I was a supportive wife, but apparently I'm a fool. Or maybe a leech. Because he thinks he's done this for me.


I don't know what else to say.

Maybe I'll go build a rocket.

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mommy4life said...

I am also frustrated at the lack of summer apparel at the end of the summer. Sandals are especially hard... I was just thinking of looking at Kohl's as well....

What did you think of Astronaut Farmer? I can see it sparked some "discussion". It did here too.

Sad to say I couldn't come up with what my dream would be....I think I'm too caught up in everyday life.....